What is RC Bashing? A Complete Guide

RC bashing is a way of having fun without the restraints of organized events. It’s when you take your RC car out and enjoy yourself, pushing its limits in an empty space without any regulations or limitations. Bashing can include racing, stunts, or tricks, making it an all-around exhilarating experience. You can test how your car performs in all sorts of environment and surfaces, figure out what kind of jumps are possible for your machine, or practice wheelies and flips.

The freedom provided by RC bashing allows drivers to innovate and challenge themselves with creative maneuvers that go beyond the more regulated atmosphere of competitive races. Plus, since there are no specific rules or records to be followed, drivers can focus purely on having fun – enjoying each new trick and challenge as groups gather together for a bash session. RC bashing offers some serious thrills for those who don’t want to worry about following the rules!

Vehicle Types

Vehicle types are one of the most important aspects when it comes to selecting a vehicle for bashing. Bashing is a type of off-road recreational driving that tests the setup, maneuvering skills, and endurance of a driver. The vehicles used for this activity range from buggies, truggies, scalers, rock crawlers, rock racers, stadium trucks, short course trucks, and monster trucks with the latter two being the most common. Each type of vehicle offers its own set of challenges that drivers must conquer in order to reach the finish line.

Buggies are designed for speed and agility on any terrain. Truggies are similar to buggies but offer more stability due to their four wheels. Scalers offer an increased sense of scale when running them on an RC track while providing great controls thanks to their smaller size. Rock crawlers have impressive climbing capabilities and make it possible to traverse rough terrain without getting stuck too often.

Rock racers have even greater coping skills in hills and harsher terrains while having better speed than regular rock crawlers. Stadium trucks offer impeccable cornering capabilities along with great bumps absorption at higher speeds due its wider wheelbase compared to other types of vehicles. Short course trucks provide incredible top speeds along with good acceleration making it a great blend between bashing and racing. If you are interested in short-course RC trucks, make sure to check out our short course RC truck review.


Radio-control bashers come in many different sizes to accommodate even the most demanding racing enthusiast. Whether you prefer smaller indoor or larger outdoor vehicles, Horizon Hobby has an impressive range of options in a variety of scales. From micro RC cars that can fit in your hand to gigantic truggies that are designed for high speeds and off-roading, there’s something for everyone.

Most RC bashers come with adjustable suspension systems that allow users to customize their ride and get the perfect feel for their specific track or surface. Smaller cars also often include detailed styling elements like lights and decals for fully immersive racing experiences. Depending on your scale, some RC models may be powered by electric motors while larger ones typically use nitro gas engines.

Additionally, a wide selection of performance parts are available such as body kits, tuned shocks, and more to give you an edge over the competition. So whatever your needs might be, make sure to check out Horizon Hobby—they have all the right scales for all types of radio-control bashers!


If you want to enjoy the bashing to its full extent, you need to have a capable battery. There are typically two choices to make, which is either LiPo or NiMH. For a great day of bashing, you want to go with LiPo all the way!


Nitro powered basher RC models are popular choices for many radio-control vehicle enthusiasts. This type of RC model is unique in its use of burning fuel to make it move. They generally require more maintenance than electric RC models, but have the advantage of producing realistic sound and having an impressive amount of power.

Nitro RC models need to be fueled up with a special type of fuel made mainly out of methanol and a tiny percentage of nitromethane or oil, which provides extra lubrication to the engine as it runs.

Electric powered basher RC motors are a greener option compared to their nitro counterparts. These are quieter and cleaner than using combustible fuels in your model, eliminating any mess that could be caused by the burning fuel.

Brushed motors typically provide lower top speeds when compared to brushless motors due to friction resistance from their carbon brushes and commutators. However, brushed motors tend to have slightly better torques providing them better acceleration than brushless motor counterparts at the same priced range.

Brushless motors gives you higher RPMs thanks to not having any friction from brushes or commutators, this in turn gives you much higher top speeds as well as giving you more efficient power consuming capabilities in


When it comes to driving in a variety of environments, RC basher models can benefit from the use of different drivetrains. The selection of a two-wheel drivetrain (2WD) or four-wheel drivetrain (4WD) will depend on the intended environment and a racer’s preferred driving style. The two configurations serve different purposes; 2WD is great for acceleration and cornering on paved surfaces, while 4WD offers superior stability and control off-road and in wet conditions.

For racing or bashing in tight spaces, 2WD is often preferable due to its improved maneuverability. It is important to keep in mind that tail-heavy 2WD vehicles can be more difficult to handle until the user develops better driving skills.

4WD contains built-in traction with four powered wheels connected via interlocking gears and common shafts, creating higher adhesion with low-angle turns and strong acceleration coming out of them. This setup provides more grip when pivoting off side hills and handles rough terrain better than 2WD vehicles could. Both drivetrains have their pros and cons which should be taken into consideration depending on where one plans to bash the RC car.

Driving Without Rules or Regulations

Car bashing is an activity where you can enjoy driving your RC car without following any rules and regulations. It is the perfect opportunity for drivers to have a thrilling time without having to abide by any particular set of instructions. You can explore different terrains, power slide on gravel roads and indulge in some off-roading action as well.

In car bashing, you don’t need to stick to your lane or obey traffic signals; in fact, you don’t even have to stay within a certain radius. This makes it a great way to bring out the competitive spirit among family members and also allows you to please yourself with spectacular stunts. The best thing about bashing is that if you don’t comply with any rules, then you won’t be disqualified from it! So go ahead, enjoy yourself and take your RC car for a bash!

Does Bashing Damage RC Cars?

Bashing is a type of RC car driving that is based on the thrill and excitement of pushing their limits. While it does require more skill and control compared to other forms of RC driving, bashing shouldn’t be assumed to be any more damaging than other types, as ultimately you are in control. You can enjoy bashing for the adrenaline rush and thrills but also keep a lookout for any potential damages which might occur as a result. Bashing involves taking your vehicle beyond its regular limits; this could include faster cornering speeds, higher launching ramps or even more daring stunts such as an ambitious mid-air jump.

With all these various stunts associated with bashing, it is understandable why some people may be put off due to the thought of costly repairs should damage occur. However, there are several ways to mitigate any issues which allow you to continue your passion with minimal risks; this includes frequently checking up on your car’s condition before risking it with each bash as well as choosing suitable terrain and gradually increasing the speed/stunts as you grow more confident and skilled in controlling your RC car. At the end of it all, by doing so, you can make sure to achieve optimal performance but also keep tight reins on any preventable

Where To Go RC Bashing

One popular spot for RC bashing is skate parks. They are generally large enough to accommodate RC cars without any safety concerns, and there should be plenty of ramps and obstacles to practice stunts on. Not only that, but skate parks are often close to cities or towns which makes them easily accessible from most locations. Even better, some local municipalities may even host RC events at skate parks which could give drivers a chance to show off their skills in front of an audience!

Wrapping It Up

RC bashing is an exhilarating and often rewarding experience for anyone who enjoys the world of RC cars. It presents a unique opportunity to test out the limits of your car, identify areas for improvement, and become more knowledgeable about driving styles and techniques. Bashing can be done with any vehicle from traditional off-road cars to highly customized dragsters, presenting an exciting variety of options that makes it attractive to both newcomers and experienced RC enthusiasts alike.

When starting out in RC bashing, it’s important to find a safe area where you won’t risk damaging your car or endangering yourself or others. This could be an empty field far away from any roads or residences, or perhaps a purpose-built track specifically designed for the purpose.

Regardless of the environment chosen, don’t forget that before taking your RC car out there make sure it is properly maintained, tuned and outfitted with suitable safety gear such as full body shells and steering wheel protectors. Ultimately, when you wrap up all these safety preparations, find some free space and just have fun testing out different driving capabilities of your vehicles!


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