How to Drift RC Cars?

Do you want to learn how to drift a remote control car like a pro? Whether you’re an experienced RC …

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Remote Control Cars Reviews

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  1. There are a lot of different kinds of remote control cars out there, from basic ones for younger kids to more advanced ones for experienced hobbyists. Here are some of the most popular options:
  2. Toy-grade remote control cars: These are entry-level models made of lightweight plastic and with basic controls that are easy to use.
  3. Hobby-grade remote control cars: These are more advanced models crafted from higher quality materials and with more sophisticated controls for more precise movements.
  4. Nitro-powered remote control cars: These use a nitro-fueled engine for greater speed and power than electric models. They are usually more expensive and require more maintenance.
  5. Electric-powered remote control cars: These use an electric motor and are quieter and easier to maintain. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, from micro cars to monster trucks.
  6. Drift cars: These are specifically designed for drifting, where the car slides sideways through turns. They have unique tires and suspension setups to make this possible.
  7. Rock crawlers are specialized models designed to climb over rocks and obstacles and have large, grippy tires and flexible suspension systems.
  8. On-road cars are designed for use on smooth, paved surfaces and are typically fast and agile with low-profile tires.
  9. Monster trucks are popular with both children and adults and are designed to look like oversized pickup trucks.
  10. Buggy cars are light and aerodynamic with large off-road tires, often used for racing on dirt tracks or other off-road courses.
Finally, there are also many specialized models designed for specific purposes such as military vehicles, construction equipment, boats and airplanes. No matter what type of remote control car you are looking for, there is sure to be one that fits your needs!
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Remote controlled buggies stand out due to their lightweight, aerodynamic design and highperformance characteristics. They are designed to be fast and agile, equipped with powerful motors and sophisticated suspension systems that allow them to traverse tough terrains at high speeds. To ensure maximum control and grip on different surfaces, these buggies are outfitted with highperformance tires. The low center of gravity of RC buggies is achieved by placing the battery and motor components as low as possible in the chassis, thus increasing stability and cornering performance. Additionally, many models come with adjustable suspension settings, enabling drivers to customize the handling and performance of the buggy as per their individual driving style and preferences.

Monster Trucks

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Remote control (RC) monster trucks are probably the most popular type of hobby-grade remote control cars. They are designed to look like mini replicas of oversized pickup trucks with large wheels and suspension systems used to perform stunts and tricks. 

Monster trucks can be powered by nitro fuel or electric motors and range from 1/5 to 1/18 scale.

One of the defining features of remote-controlled monster trucks is their large, oversized wheels and tires, just like on the real versions of those cars

The tires are made of soft rubber compounds allowing them to grip rough terrain and have aggressive tread patterns. The suspension on monster trucks is designed to have large shock travel, which allows more wheel movement in order to run the shape of the terrain and absorb impacts.

Rock Crawlers

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RC rock crawlers are quite distinctive from all other types of RC cars due to their specific design. These cars have special tires that offer increased grip on rough and uneven surfaces, which are usually made from durable and soft rubber compounds.

Furthermore, their tires have deep treads, which enable them to climb over rocks and other obstacles. Additionally, the suspension systems of RC rock crawlers are designed to be very flexible.

They can articulate and bend in many directions, which allows the wheels to remain in contact with the ground at all times. This ensures maximum traction and stability even when navigating through difficult terrain.

On-road Card

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RC onroad cars are renowned for their lowslung, body designs that are tailored for improved aerodynamics, more speed, and increased control on flat surfaces such tarmac and others.

On road cars feature lowprofile tires and lightweight bodies to reduce weight, increase aerodynamic efficiency and improve agility when cornering and taking tight turns.

In addition, their suspension is stiff with limited travel to ensure that the car does not tilt too much as it negatively impacts cornering and breaking abilities. The tires on these cars are usually low profile with a harder compound designed to provide maximum grip and traction on tarmac or other smooth and flat surfaces, to support quick and efficient cornering and acceleration.


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Truggies are hobby-grade RC cars that represent the mix between buggies and monster trucks. They combine the features of both to expand and generalise the remote control car which can efficiently be used on smooth and off road surfaces. They are more stable in corners than monster trucks and much more capable off road than buggies.

Truggies are typically larger and heavier than buggies. They have a more powerful motor and suspension system with more travel allowing them to absorb more uneven terrain maintaining the control of car. Additionally, they are equipped with larger tires with rougher thred than buggies to improve off road traction and cornering control.

One of the defining features of RC truggies is their unique body design. They typically have a low-slung, aerodynamic buggy-style body, combined with a raised, truck-style chassis that provides additional ground clearance and improved performance on rough terrain. This combination of features allows RC truggies to tackle a wide range of off-road obstacles with ease, including rocks, jumps, and steep inclines.