Best RC Drift Servo – Review & Comparison

After spending 12 hours testing, reviewing and researching the market for the RC drifting specs servos, we’ve concluded Reve D RS-ST to be the best drift servo for most users. 

We have considered the most important factors in the world of RC drifting – which are precision, speed and control. Those factors are at the heart of RC drifting and play a pivotal role in RC drift servos performance. 

A superior RC drift servo not only ensures accurate steering response but also contributes to the overall stability and agility of your drift machine. Whether you’re aiming for the perfect angle while cornering or seamlessly transitioning between slides, the servo’s ability to swiftly translate your commands into precise movements is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary in the realm of RC drifting.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the top 10 of the best RC drift servos on the market and depending on your application and the budget – we are sure to have a perfect pick for you!

Best Overall - Reve D RS-ST
  • Voltage: 4.8 - 7.4V
  • Speed: N/A
  • Torque: 18 kg/cm (250 oz-in)
Best Value - Injora INJS014
  • Voltage: 4.8 - 6.0V
  • Speed: 0.08sec/60°(6.0V)
  • Torque: 11.2 kg/cm (150 oz-in)
Best Premium - Futaba CT701
  • Voltage: 6 - 7.4V
  • Speed: 0.07sec/60°(7.4V)
  • Torque: 30 kg/cm (416 oz-in)

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Best Overall - Reve D RS-ST

Reve D RS-ST is the next-generation digital servo engineered specifically for RWD drifting.

Its powerful iron core motor (IRC) ensures both high torque and stable output, essential for optimal drift performance, especially during counter steering at higher speeds.

With programmability through the RS-PGC USB Programmer, adjust settings like speed, torque, boost, deadband, direction, and trim effortlessly using your Windows-based computer or tablet, all managed within Reve D software.

Note that the RS-ST’s steering speed is pre-set for reduced servo shake. To achieve faster response, consider the optional Reve D RS-ST USB Programmer (RV-RS-PGC – Not included) to reprogram steering speed to desired levels.

Technical Specifications
Voltage4.8 - 7.4V
Torque18 kg/cm (250 oz-in)
Size40.8x20.2x30.2mm (1.6x0.79x1.18 inches)
Weight48.5g (1.71 oz)

Best Value - Injora INJS014

INJORA INJS014 represents a focus on quality and performance for enthusiasts, surpassing expectations on every front.

Made from premium materials, featuring robust full metal gears and the assurance of dual ball bearings, these servos boast heightened sensitivity, unwavering stability, and remarkably low noise levels.

With its low-profile casing, the INJORA Servos achieve a dual feat of conserving space and reducing weight, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of your setup.

The full aluminum casing not only delivers a visually appealing design but also facilitates optimal heat dissipation, ensuring smoother and cooler operation.

Impressing with superior specifications, the digital servo flaunts a commanding 11.2kg torque and a swift 0.10″ transit speed at 4.8V voltage. Elevating the voltage to 6.0V yields an even more impressive specification of 14KG torque and 0.08″ transfer speed.

Functioning as a stable and high-performance digital standard servo, this model embodies precision with minimal noise disruption. Its versatility extends beyond the realm of drift cars, also seamlessly integrating with Fixed-Wing airplanes, RC Robots, Touring Drift Cars, RC Helicopter Models, and beyond.

Technical Specifications
Voltage4.8 - 6.0V
Torque11.2 kg/cm (150 oz-in)
Speed0.08sec/60°(6.0V) / 0.10sec/60°(4.8V)
Size40x20x28.8mm (1.6x0.79x1.13 inches)
Weight50g (1.76 oz)

Best Premium - Futaba CT701

Futaba HPS-CT701 is a top-of-the-line high voltage brushless low profile surface servo. This latest release from Futaba packs the most modern tech in the RC world.

It is suitable for RC cars of 1/10 scale on/off-road and drifting and can be easily programmed.

Featuring an all-new HV Brushless high power Motor in an aluminum casing that supports SR modes with T4PM/T7PX/T10PX.

Programmable and compatible with S.Bus and S.Bus2 systems and can be connected to a PC using the CIU-2/-3 USB adapter (sold separately).

Technical Specifications
Voltage6.0 - 7.4V
Torque30 kg/cm (416 oz-in)
Speed0.07sec/60°(7.4V) / 0.08sec/60°(6.0V)
Size40.5x21x26.2mm (1.59x0.83x1.03 inches)
Weight54g (1.9 oz)

Best For Mini RC Cars - AGFRC A11CLS

AGFRC A11CLS is a lightweight metal case programmable high-speed and torque digital server engineered specifically for improved performance on Mini Z RC Track Cars and other mini RC cars.

It is versatile and can suit Kyosho Mini-Z cars, but also 1/18, 1/24, 1/27, and 1/28 scale cars.

The high-performance digital servo is equipped with a high-precision titanium gear, a coreless brushed motor, and improved cooling using the aluminum casing.

By default, the servo comes with a JST plug connector, but can also be purchased with the JR version.

Technical Specifications
Voltage4.8 - 6.0V
Torque1.2 kg/cm (70 oz-in)
Speed0.065sec/60°(4.8V) / 0.05sec/60°(6.0V)
Size20x21x11.3mm (0.79x0.83x0.44 inches)
Weight11g (0.39 oz)

Cheapest Drift Servo - JX Servo PDI-6221MG

JX PDI-6221MG servo is a 62g metal gear digital servo motor that can be used for drifting and other on-road applications.

This versatile servo is engineered to enhance RC Cars, Robot Arms, Helicopters, and Airplanes with budget precision and improved power compared to most stock servos.

Made of high-quality materials and construction, it can also be used for helicopters, micro-robots, robot arms, boats, and other diverse R/C systems.

High-precision aluminum gears and a hard anodizing finish make sure the servo is durable and delivers smooth operation.

The CNC aluminium middle shell adds strength, while dual ball bearings ensure seamless motion and long life.

Technical Specifications
Voltage4.8 - 6.0V
Torque20.32 kg/cm (280 oz-in)
Speed0.18 sec/60°(4.8V) / 0.16 sec/60°(6.0V)
Size40.5x20.2x38mm (1.58x0.8x1.50 inches)
Weight62g (2.19 oz)

Best Under $40- OMG LP-CM13S

OMG LP-CM13S has been specifically designed for 1/10 scale RWD RC drifting and sits in the mid-range price segment. The low-profile coreless digital servo has titanium-coated gears for unparalleled endurance and added precision with its zero dead band feature. The aluminum middle case effectively facilitates heat dissipation and adds durability. The servo delivers good accuracy and performance through digital precision and the ball-bearing-supported 25T shaft output.
Technical Specifications
Voltage6.0 - 8.4V
Torque12.8 kg/cm (170 oz-in)
Speed0.07sec/60°(8.4V) / 0.08sec/60°(7.4V)
Size40.5x20x29mm (1.59x0.79x1.14 inches)
Weight50g (1.76 oz)

Best Under $50 - AGFRC A50BHL

AGFRC A50BHL is an ultra torque super speed programmable brushless servo.

Designed by AGFrc, a reputable name in the field, this high-quality digital low-profile servo is engineered for widespread utility, but fit RC drifting the most.

Its applications extend to remote control climbing cars, 1/10 on-road vehicles, trucks, planes, mechanical arms, and various other remote-controlled toys.

With the latest upgraded version, this servo can be programmed through the AGF-SPv2 servo programmer to modify torque, speed, and angle to suit their precise requirements.

Technical Specifications
Voltage5.0 - 8.4V
Torque19 kg/cm (264 oz-in)
Speed0.07sec/60°(8.4V) / 0.08sec/60°(7.4V)/ 0.09sec/60°(6.0V)/ 0.11sec/60°(5.0V)
Size40.8x20.2x26.5mm (1.61x0.8x1.04 inches)
Weight50g (1.76 oz)

Best Under $60 - Savox SC-1251MG

Savox SC-1251MG digital coreless motor servo is a fine-tuned and precision engineering.

This servo incorporates the latest digital technology, enhanced by a high-efficiency coreless motor that delivers consistent performance.

Its precision is underscored by an accurate and swift response, courtesy of the super high resolution it offers.

The inclusion of an aluminum center case serves dual purposes: it enhances motor cooling, thereby contributing to sustained performance, and bolsters overall durability.

The servo is fortified with ball bearings for smooth operation, and its robustness is guaranteed by precision metal gears.

Technical Specifications
Voltage4.8 - 6.0V
Torque10 kg/cm (140 oz-in)
Size40.8x20.2x25.2mm (1.6x0.80x1.00 inches)
Weight44.5 (1.57 oz)

Best Under $150- KST X20-1806

X20-1806 is the latest brushless low profile IP65 splash-proof servo from KST. It is the first servo featuring a 4-pole brushless DC motor.

Hailing from the KST Technology stable, this servo is a hallmark of RC drifting precision.

With its ultra-efficient Brushless motors, reinforced steel gear trains, durable aluminum case, and commendably low current consumption, it’s optimally suited for high-performance and racing pilots alike.

The operational voltage spans from 4.8V to 8.4V, offering the most versatile range in our review.

KST Technology servos support a 25-tooth output spline conforming to the standard (Futaba) configuration.

The low-profile design of X20-1806 delivers amazing torque and remarkable response making it a prime choice for contemporary 1:10 on-road touring and drift cars, as well as 1:10 scale off-road buggies.

Technical Specifications
Voltage4.8 - 8.4V
Torque18 kg/cm (250 oz-in)
Speed0.06sec/60°(8.4V) /0.07sec/60°(7.4V) / 0.08sec/60°(6.0V)
Size40.5x23.1x20mm (1.59x0.91x1.79 inches)
Weight50g (1.76 oz)

Best Under $200 - Yokomo SP-03D V2

SP-03DV2 servo, an upgraded iteration of the high-spec servo preferred by top RC drift drivers.

This new model boasts enhanced speed, torque, and holding power, surpassing previous capabilities. The introduction of a new 7.4V power supply optimizes brushless motor performance, a pivotal operational component.

The update version notably improves steering holding power, better cornering stability and augmenting driving linearity. 

With sole focus on RC drifting, hunting suppression function prevents malfunction of the servo giving you the racing reliability professional racers need. 

The servo also seamlessly integrates with the latest program allowing it to be used with steering gyros delivering a higher gain than usual.

Customizability is a hallmark, with the option to fine-tune steering characteristics through a dedicated programmer. By altering the servo body’s performance and hunting suppression level, users can personalize their experience according to preferences. The SP-03DV2 servo stands as a testament to evolution in the realm of precision control, offering enhanced capabilities to elevate the performance of drift-focused applications.

Technical Specifications
Voltage4.8 - 7.4V
Torque18 kg/cm (250 oz-in)
Size40.8x20.2x26.1mm (1.6x0.8x1.02 inches)
Weight49g (1.73 oz)

How To Choose the Best XXX - Buying Guide

RC drifting is a thrilling sport that demands precision and control, and one of the key components that directly affect your performance is the RC drift servo.

If you have already picked yourself the best RC drift car – improving the servo for your drifting needs can greatly enhance your driving experience and maneuverability on the track. This comprehensive buying guide will explore the essential factors to consider when choosing the ideal RC drift servo.

Torque and Speed

High torque and fast response speed are crucial for accurate steering and controlled drifts. Look for keywords like high torque RC drift servos and fast response steering servos to ensure your chosen servo can handle the demands of drifting with precision.

Low Profile and Brushless Technology

Low-profile brushless servos are designed to fit compactly in your vehicle and reduce the center of gravity while delivering efficient power. Brushless technology ensures improved efficiency, reduced wear, and consistent performance.

Reviews and Ratings

Delve into RC drift servo reviews and top-rated RC car servos to gather insights from other enthusiasts. Real-world experiences can provide valuable information about a servo’s performance, reliability, and compatibility.


Choose programmable drift servos that allow you to adjust torque, speed, and angle settings. This customization can be vital to match your driving style and specific track conditions.

Noise and Precision

Look for precision digital servos that offer accurate control with minimal noise. Low-noise servos enhance your drifting experience by minimizing distractions.

Compatibility and Aftermarket Support

Consider the servo comparison for RC drifting to ensure compatibility with your RC car’s chassis and other components. Opt for servos with standard output spline configurations for easy compatibility with various aftermarket control horns.

Heat Dissipation and Durability

Servos with an aluminum center case for improved motor cooling help dissipate heat during prolonged use. Durable materials and components, including precision metal gears, are essential for long-lasting performance.

Brand Reputation and Technology

Investigate well-regarded RC drift servo brands known for their advanced technology and innovation. Brands like AGFrc, Savox, and KST Technology offer a range of options.

Application-Specific Considerations

For your specific drifting needs, assess the torque and speed requirements, along with the drift car steering solutions that each servo offers. This will ensure a seamless fit for your RC car’s performance goals.

Servo Features

Pay attention to “drift servo features” that enhance your experience, such as “super high resolution” for precise control, “ball bearing supported output” for smooth operation, and support for a 7.4V power supply for optimized brushless motor performance.

Choosing the right RC drift servo is a critical step in elevating your drifting prowess. By considering these factors and searching for the relevant keywords mentioned in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision and enjoy an exceptional drifting experience on the track.


An RC drift servo is a critical component that controls the steering of your RC car. It translates your control inputs into precise movements, allowing you to navigate corners and execute controlled drifts. By adjusting the direction and angle of the front wheels, the servo gives you the maneuverability you need for dynamic drifting.

A low profile brushless servo offers a compact design that fits seamlessly into your RC car while delivering efficient power. Brushless technology reduces wear and provides consistent performance, crucial for maintaining control during intense drifts.

Absolutely! Many modern drift servos, like the [insert product name], are programmable. This means you can tweak settings such as torque, speed, and angle to match your driving style and track conditions, ensuring an optimal drift experience.

Yes, definitely. The [insert product name] is a versatile option suitable for all skill levels. It offers a balance of torque, speed, and precision, making it a great choice whether you're a newcomer or an experienced drifter.

Regular maintenance is key. Keep the servo and its surroundings clean from dirt and debris. Ensure the servo's gears are well-lubricated, and avoid excessive strain on the steering system. This will extend the lifespan of your servo and maintain its performance.

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