How to Drift RC Cars?

Do you want to learn how to drift a remote control car like a pro? Whether you’re an experienced RC enthusiast or a newcomer, drifting is an exciting and fun way to get the most out of your RC ride. With the right equipment and knowledge, anyone can become an expert drifter. In this guide, […]

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how to build an rc car yourself diy kits

How To Build An RC Car

Building a remote-controlled car can be a fun and rewarding project. If you’re interested in building one yourself, here are a few key things you’ll need to consider. Step 1: Choose the type of RC car you want to build Firstly, you’ll need to choose the type of remote-controlled car you want to build. There are

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A Complete RC Car History

The world of RC cars has come a long way since its early experiments in the 1950s. Ford Motor Company’s design competition was one of the first to showcase remote-controlled vehicles, with David Swinder of Warren, Ohio taking the lead with his winning entry – a sleek six-foot car complete with headlights, brake lights, and

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